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MORENA BLEND. Rich & smooth dark roast

Origin: Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia.

Flavour: Stone fruit, salted caramel & chocolate.

Aroma: Woody, toasted almond.

Body: Well balanced.

Ethical coffee is good.

From a coffee cherry fruit to a perfect espresso in a cup... Morena Espresso Blend is more than just delicious. 


Our coffee beans come from a long process and it is important to acknowledge the hard work farmers from South and Central America do to cultivate high-grade beans, for you to have that beautiful and rich cup of coffee in your hands.


From the high lands of Colombia, Brazil, Honduras & Nicaragua, you will taste the most incredible flavours in just one cup.

Food in a cafe is fundamental, but for us, coffee is the main star! Creating a blend of our own was a dream we wanted to achieve for a long time now, but we needed to find the right beans, roast, and flavour.

Releasing our first blend was so important to us, and we can not wait for you to try it!

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